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Raumplus Technology, developed in Bremen, Germany, is used on a daily basis worldwide.

Organizing, storing and retrieving your prized possessions is fun with the Raumplus Custom Storage System.

Sliding doors are installed independently from the cabinetry. They move effortlessly on quiet rollers. Perfect alignment guarantees an optimum of ease in sliding without annoying noise.

Made-to-measure from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, in corners as room dividers or walk-in closets, the Raumplus Cabinet and Wall System adapts to any space.

A place for everything and everything in it's place. Custom accessories such as wardrobe lifts, telescoping belt racks and tie racks, shoe storage and single and full extension drawers create the perfect environment for all your wardrobe and storage needs.

Adaptability is the hallmark of the Raumplus Storage System. The system grows and changes with your needs and life style. The toddler's room becomes a teenager's domain, further down the road it may be even converted to a guest room or home office.

Unlike conventional wardrobes or armoires – the Raumplus System grows with your needs. It is simple to adapt it to new spaces, colours and materials. If needed additional items can be easily installed.

Customer service is a priority for Raumplus. You will find the complete Raumplus program at Ecoform in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. There you will find a custom solution to any living space problem, which will be delivered on time and expertly installed. Raumplus offers a complete program, which will make your dreams of flexible custom storage and home design improvement come true.

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Belgrade Fair

Belgrade Fair